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Meet Neil Snowdon, the Director here at Frostree 👋🏼

Neil’s family are the original founders of Frostree and have expanded and established the business since the 80s.

Here are some facts about our Director, Neil that you might not know 👇🏼

Neil and a small team built their 16,000sq ft building themselves!

Neil enjoys working from the inception of a project and pre-tender to helping a client achieve their requirements for a successful project

He prefers to be hands-on in the factory or on-site rather than sitting in  his office

Neil loves the Countryside and the outdoors, and in his spare time you can find him caring for, riding, and looking after his horses

He enjoys taking his dogs, Guinness and Murphy, out for walks and going out for meals with his wife Gail

Meet Karl Henry, the Accounts Manager at Frostree👋🏼

After becoming a car mechanic straight out of school, Karl decided to follow his passion for numbers and apply for an apprenticeship with us.

When he first started his apprenticeship, Karl worked in the Accounts department alongside admin work which included looking after the office and doing general housekeeping.

Fast forward to now, he is our Accounts Manager, running his own department, and the Office Manager here at Frostree 👋🏼

When asked about what he enjoys most about working at Frostree, Karl shared:

“I enjoy the atmosphere here the most! We’re all one big family here, and it’s what makes us a great team! I really enjoy my role too. Numbers have always been what I’ve been best at so it’s nice to have a role that includes using my brain on a daily basis.”

His spare time includes lots of family time as a first-time dad, he also plays for a darts team in the Maltby League and participates in regular dart tournaments within the ADC 🎯

Meet Gary Smith 👋🏼

Straight out of school, Gary began his journey as a mechanic. However, seeking a change, he decided to complete two weeks of work experience here at Frostree and 17 years later, here we are!

In 2006, Gary joined Frostree as a fabricator in the factory, and over the years, Gary’s exceptional work has earned well-deserved promotions, from Fabricator to Factory Manager, and most recently, to Production Manager in 2023 👏🏼

When asked about his experience at Frostree, Gary shared:

 “Yes, I enjoy my role. Each day brings a different challenge, and in my current position, I get to witness the entire process and be involved in projects from start to finish.”

Outside of work, Gary enjoys spending quality time with his daughter and partner, creating memories ❤️

Thank you to Gary for everything you do here at Frostree, here’s to another 17 years 🍻

Meet Thomas Reynolds👋🏼

Thomas has been with us for almost 2 years now as a Draughtsman Apprentice.

Here’s a little bit about him 👇🏼

✍🏻 This is Thomas’s first EVER role after studying the Construction Industry at Middlesbrough College.

🛠️ His role includes a bit of everything, from learning fabrication techniques to attending meetings, and understanding the design and installation process here.

💪🏼 He enjoys meeting new people and loves that he gets to experience every aspect of Frostree while on his apprenticeship.

🥋 In his spare time he does Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Martial Arts.